Highway HH Pressure Digger

The Highway model "HH" is a hydraulic drive & hydraulic bar pressure digger. Highways direct mount hydraulic system makes this machine very adaptable to a variety of specialty carriers such as track mounts, log skidders and custom tractors. This machine is ideal for the the electrical distribution market because of it's strong digging torque to weight ratio. We can mount this machine on a single rear axle chassis and still have payload for your crews to get their work done. This model can also be PTO driven off of the truck power supply eliminating the auxiliary engine. Please review the specifications below.

Highway HH Specifications

Diesel 100 HP, Optional PTO driven off of truck engine
Hydraulic drive
28,000 ft/lbs
Digging Depths:
10' - 20'
Auger Capacities:
6" - 56"
Kelly Bar:
3" solid kelly bar
Final Drive:
16" ring gear with replaceable thrust plates
Slide Table:
36" slide
Turn Table:
240 degrees
Boom Leveling:
15 degrees over vertical, 45 degrees left, 20 degrees right
Service Winch:
12,000 lb hydraulic
Pole Setter:
Fixed pole setter and 6' telescoping pole setter
Base Unit Weight:
12,500 lbs
Chassis Min. Specs:
33,000 GVW, 108" CA

Highway HH Downloads

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Contact us with serial #
Contact us with serial #