Highway HCBMS Pressure Digger

The Highway model HCBMS has been around since the 1930s. It was one of the first pressure diggers ever built and is still in production for certain applications. The digger is a true all mechanical drive and features a toothed kelly bar (rack-bar) that is mechanically feed in and out of the whole. The original leveling system was done through chains and sprockets to raise and level the mast. As hydraulics progressed, they changed over in the late ’60s to hydraulic cylinders to level the mast assembly and eliminated the PTO drive chain and sprockets. This machine has seen many changes over the decades but has still kept its original drive system. The system operates very well in extremely cold climates as it doesn’t use hydraulic oil for the drilling process. Many of the old machines are still in use in Alaska and in the Northern climates of North America and Europe.

The Highway HCBMS is ideally suited in hardpan, frozen ground, and clay soils. It is a very fast drill with the right operator who understands the machine and how to run it. Highway still builds this unit new and supports it with parts and service. Complete rebuilds are also available at the factory.

Highway HCBMS Pressure Digger
The Highway HCBMS pressure digger operates very well in extremely low temperatures.